Laura Hamilton 12714 Camrose Ave.
Saratoga, California
(408) 315-9431

  • Award-winning user interface designer

  • Comprehensive front-end web skills: site design, coding, multimedia, usability

  • Interaction design and navigational layout

  • Prototyping functional mockups with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

  • Site mapping

  • Social media (Facebook Pages, Facebook Comments & Twitter)

  • Skilled in the use of design and graphics tools such as Adobe Photoshop

  • Pixel-perfect interfaces; reviews and iterations to achieve this

  • Working closely with people: on an individual basis, within teams, or across teams (liaison between Engineering and Marketing)

  • Retail sales, customer support, and logistics

  • Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills

  • Logical, analytical, detail-oriented

  • Fluent in English, French and Spanish

June 2005 - present
The Portable Baby
  • Founded TPB in 2005 to provide smart parenting gear to families on the go while raising small children myself. So many people asked me where I got my baby gear, I felt I might as well put my skills to good use and open an online store.

  • Hand-coded current website at with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Found no suitable e-commerce templates when I started, so I built what I wanted from scratch and dropped in PayPal shopping cart buttons. Moving to Magento + Brightpearl platform in early 2013 for ease of maintenance.

  • Have fulfilled orders to over 8000+ customers from all over the world. Most are highly educated, travel frequently with their families, need gear to facilitate trips, can't find these products elsewhere.

  • Professional service with a personal touch means numerous repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. I like helping people and solving problems.

Live link to website

November 2002 - May 2005
UI Architect
Yahoo! Resumix
  • Interaction design, UI design, visual design, prototyping and front-end programming/development for the award-winning series of Hiring Gateway enterprise software products: HG Recruiter, HG Hiring Manager, HG Relationship Manager, and HG Profile Manager.

  • Hiring Gateway was chosen as the Top Human Resources Product of 2003 by Human Resource Executive Magazine, who called it "an applicant tracking system so intuitively designed that an operating manual is unnecessary".

  • Process: HTML Wireframes were created to determine proper workflow, then working XHTML/JavaScript mockups were used to develop visual components, perform user testing and correct any further workflow issues. XSLT templates were made from the XHTML to create the working product. Final step was my review of the working UI, and correction of any errors or changes to the UI inadvertently inserted by the back-end developers.

  • Customized HG Relationship Manager and HG Profile Manager software to match the look and feel of client websites, and played a key role in implementation. Customers include nVidia, ChevronTexaco, City of Seattle, Park Place Entertainment and many more. Close relationship with Professional Services team members.

  • Created scripted HTML demos for software products, used by Sales and Marketing teams in customer presentations.

  • Updated and maintained Yahoo! Resumix corporate website

Archived Work Samples

HG Recruiter clickable mockups
HG Hiring Manager clickable mockups
Resumix 7 Flash presentation

November 2001 - November 2002
UI Designer
Yahoo! Hot Jobs

  • Created clickable scripted XHTML prototypes for Yahoo! Hot Jobs Job Search redesign.

  • Process: Visual Designer sent image files to me with his general vision for the new search pages, gave me background on project, goals, target audience, history, etc. I then created the working XHTML prototypes linked above to show my refinements to the interaction and UI design, which were used for in-house and user testing.

  • Clean, optimized, front-end code used directly by Web Development/Engineering, saving an extra cycle of code production by that team.

Archived Work Samples

Yahoo! HotJobs Job Search prototypes
(Click on "more locations >>" in left navbar, then check "White Plains")

(Click on "more categories >>" in left navbar, then "Submit" in the resulting selection box)

October 2001 - November 2001
UI Designer/Developer
CAM Systems

  • Redesigned the internal IT Help Desk system for maximum usability. Interaction design and UI design.

  • Extensive JavaScript programming to add new workflow processes and customize existing ones.

  • Project completed on time and under budget.

Archived Work Sample

User console

March 2001 - April 2001
HTML Designer

  • Visually designed sections of Yahoo! Shopping such as Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Hot Video Games, International Cuisines, etc.

  • Developed hand-coded HTML pages to meet strict Yahoo! guidelines for maximum user download speed and minimum document file size.

Archived Work Samples

Yahoo Book Reviews redesign

January 2001 - March 2001
HTML Guru & Usability Consultant (contracted through Visuals Agency, San Francisco)

  • Evaluated and rewrote HTML for 200+ pages, resulting in greatly increased cross-browser functionality and download speeds. One heavily used page previously took 65 seconds to download on a DSL line and would only load in MSIE. My changes resulted in a download time of 5 seconds in all common browsers for that same page.

  • Redesigned nav bars and other commonly used features for greater usability.

  • Recommended further changes to visual design, information design and copywriting to improve overall usability of site.

  • Educated web team (GUI Developers, ASP Engineers) on HTML 4.0 standards and future use of XHTML. Educated Product Managers on usability issues.

  • Created Website Workshop to act as a reference point for web team after my departure.

Archived Work Sample

Website Workshop

January 2000 - January 2001
UI Designer/Developer
eCompany Now (a publication of Time Inc.)

  • Designed and built the front-end user interfaces for magazine sections including What Works, eCompany Conferences, Web Weekly, the Web Guide, and others (see portfolio). All interfaces created in Vignette Story Server 5.0 using HTML, JavaScript and SS Tool Command Language (Tcl).

  • Created and developed Web Weekly section of magazine to help readers navigate to collected web articles on the site.

  • Part of core interactive design team for User Registration section of site.

  • Created Web Team Guide online directory to improve internal communications among team members.

  • Trained and supervised junior developers and contract developers.

  • Optimized and corrected HTML and graphics sitewide to eliminate browser issues and bugs.

  • Created advertisements and banner ads for both on and off-site advertising (see portfolio).

  • First staff designer/developer hired at eCompany.

Archived Work Samples

What Works
User Registration
Web Weekly

Gilfix & AssociatesNovember 2003
Freelance UI Designer/Developer
Gilfix & Associates
  • Redesigned and developed the corporate website for Gilfix & Associates, an Elder Law, Estate and Tax Planning firm in Palo Alto.
Capella PhotonicsApril 2003
Freelance UI Designer/Developer
Capella Photonics
  • Designed and developed the corporate website for Capella Photonics, a leader in dynamically reconfigurable optical subsystems.
Putu by J. MacLearNovember 2002 - January 2002
Freelance UI Designer/Developer
Putu by J. MacLear
  • Designed and developed a catalog site for fun, colorful, handbags made by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Target audience is retailers/boutique owners.
Hilary Duffy PhotographyAugust 2002 - November 2002
Freelance UI Designer/Developer
Hilary Duffy Photography
  • Designed and developed a multimedia Flash portfolio to showcase Hilary Duffy's large-scale photography projects in Cuba, Haiti, Costa Rica, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Maine.
Riptide RecruitingAugust 2001 - October 2001
Freelance UI Designer/Developer
Riptide Recruiting
  • Flash multimedia development with sound.
  • UI and interaction design of high-tech recruiting firm website.
  • Hand-coded JavaScript rollovers and form validation.
  • CGI scripting using Perl for form processing.


San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program
2000 - Internet Design & Technology Certificate

San Francisco State University
1997 - M.A. Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
1995 - B.S. Biology (Ecology), cum laude


Hiking, Gardening, Beach, Interface Design, Cooking, Walking my Dog, Household Chores, Pilates, Yoga, Getting Organized, Decluttering, Freecycle, Camping, Biking, Alternative Energy Development, Geeking Out Online, Geography, Botany, Politics, Conservation, Nutrition, History, Photography, Speaking Spanish, Speaking French, Japanese Culture, Buddhism, Blogging, Ecology, Evolution, Sustainability, Board Games, Camping


Top Human Resources Product of 2003
Human Resource Executive Magazine
January 2004

Hiring Gateway was chosen as the Top Human Resources Product of 2003 by Human Resource Executive Magazine, who called it "an applicant tracking system so intuitively designed that an operating manual is unnecessary". I designed every aspect of the UI and coded the front end from scratch.

Thank you!
Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton