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Capella Photonics
has developed an innovative optical subsystem for use in optical add/drop multiplexers and cross connects for long haul, regional and metro applications.
The module's high level of functional integration results in a very cost effective subsystem and an exceptionally small footprint.

Capella's products help service providers reduce network operating costs by greatly simplifying the wavelength management process through the use of reconfigurable wavelength technology. This allows service providers to reduce the cost of planning, engineering, and deploying today's optical networks by offering an alternative to fixed DWDM architectures.

In addition to operational savings, inventory reductions are realized by eliminating the need for wavelength-specific optical components.

Capella Photonics Launches Dynamically Reconfigurable Wavelength Routing Subsystems, Offering Unprecedented Operating Cost Savings and Increased Flexibility for Telecom Service Providers...