Simultaneous thoughts in my head, all at once:
1) Camp Mighty is so great, I want to do every activity and talk to all of these people!
2) The Ace Hotel is so awesome, I just want to soak in the hot tub and get a massage and sleep for three days and not talk to anyone.
3) OMG, my Dad is DEAD. I am so sad.
4) Memorial song playlist ideas.
5) Urge to strangle the Worst Person in the World.
5) Get fired up.
6) Stay calm.
7) Need to work on Cat’s Eye Nebula costume for Space Party tonight.
8) Where is that fax from my lawyer?
9) Is my brother OK?
10) Really need that meditation class NOW.

I just hit the Wall HARD about 15 minutes ago. So exhausted and reeling from this terrible headache and neck and shoulder pain. Can’t think straight.

I have a bunch of new messages on my phone, have to sort through those and call people b…ack, then after that I’m a) going to soak in a hot tub and b) getting a massage. It’s expensive to get it here at the hotel, but I don’t even care anymore. Found room on a credit card. I need it so bad right now. My neck feels like it’s made of red hot iron.

A yurt by a pool

Have had a headache for close to four days now. Going to find a credit card with room on it and schedule a massage. Neck and shoulders are clenched so tight, I desperately need relief. Can’t take it anymore. Also looking forward to a workshop this afternoon on “How to Meditate” , which will be held in a yurt.

If you are going to learn to meditate, it should be in a yurt, right? A yurt by a POOL.