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Sorry, I *thought* that comments had been enabled, but apparently not. I had to set up an authentication system because I was getting about 50 spam comments a day on this blog about Viagra and casinos and growing huge penises. But then the login wasn’t working, which I only just had pointed out to me. (Thanks Linda!)
Anyway, to comment you just have to register for free with TypeKey, and then you can comment all you like, not only on this blog but many others. And now you don’t have to wait for me to manually approve your comment anymore. Once you’re in, you’re in.
So comment away!

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  1. Oh thank god you turned comments back on…I have just been *dying* to tell you about our New Improved virility formula…
    But seriously, hope you’re doing well. How’s the parasite coming along? How’s Juji? We missed you at the park last week.
    Linda & Morgan

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