I heart my backup server

The nightmare of geek nightmares happened last week. I came home and had a Blue Screen of Death on my laptop. My hard drive had fried, irreparably.
Of course I freaked out. Me, without internet access? In the midst of the holiday season? Right when I was due to update my website with 4 new products? AAARRGGHHHH!
In the end I was able to resurrect my old desktop from it’s buggy, barely-running state, and use that as a temporary solution until Dell could express a new hard drive to me. And it looks like I had most of my important files and data successfully saved onto my backup server.
The only thing that is sorely missing from the backup is my Outlook folder with all emails and attachments from the past, oh…8 months or so. That is bad. Very bad. All of my customer and vendor communications, addresses, phone numbers, emails to and from friends, deep thoughts, etc. PLUS all the faxes that I had just sent while in Southern CA dealing with my grandfather’s death and grandmother’s Alzheimer’s or dementia or whatever it is that makes her not remember things from one moment to the next. Funeral paperwork, all that…gone.
I removed my Outlook files from the backup schedule because I always have Outlook open, and it can’t back the file up when Outlook is open. And silly me, I never thought to close down Outlook every once in a while and back things up manually. So now I’m screwed. But not nearly as bad as I could be.
Well, I learned my lesson. Back up, back up, back up. EVERYTHING.

Fly Wars

My new Solar Fly Trap KICKS ASS, originally uploaded by mslaura.

There must be a hundred flies in there. Jesus Christ, I didn’t even know we had that many flies in the neighborhood! Totally gross.

I put in the nasty-smelling yeast bait that’s been fermenting in a plastic gallon milk jug for the past week and they went NUTS this morning. They must have called up every relative for miles around to come and check out the new vile smelling brew in the Baker/Hamilton backyard.

I can’t even find any flies in the chicken run now. I think they are *all* in the trap.


I am fighting this battle on another front too…I put the maggot-hunting gnat larvae in the soil around the run the other night (after Henrietta went to bed, so she wouldn’t immediately dig them up and eat them).

So not only am I trapping every adult fly in a mile radius, I am going after their kids too.

Victory is mine, I can smell it.

Fixed email notification feature

I just fixed the email notification feature at right. I didn’t realize it wasn’t working, but apparently I forgot to configure something or add in some random line of code to turn it on when I was setting up this blog.
Anyway, all fixed now. If you want to receive notifications, then have at it!