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A thrilling moment

More gifts from the Internet

It's Business Time!

I am not a doll person

On Santa's lap asking for a teenager. Wha?


You guys...can't you see I'm BUSY in here?

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March 25, 2008

A thrilling moment

With the warming spring weather, I've been letting Adrian toodle around nakeybutt, which he greatly enjoys. I spend a lot of time out in the garage packing up orders, so I put a sun hat, long-sleeved shirt, socks and shoes on Adrian and he runs around outside, chasing DOGGIE! and his big brother, and stopping to pee in the grass and then point it out to whoever might be around. DAT!

This, on top of our regular EC pottying routine, has meant that very few diapers are being used around here lately. A few if we are out in the car, or when Adrian is with his babysitter Kim, and one at night.

Well, Baby Boy just came over to me in my office, pointed to his penis and said "DAT!", very urgently and enthusiastically. I set him on his potty and a huge pee ensued. He stood up, pointed at the potty with the pee inside, showed me what he had done (again with the DAT!) and took off to go play some more.

I love this age, 14 months old.
I love EC.
I love Spring!
Life is good.

March 24, 2008

More gifts from the Internet

Oh Internet...I love you so much. Now will you leave me alone and stop distracting me so that I can get some work done?

Stuff White People Like

Hot Chicks with Douchebags

Passive Aggressive Notes

March 15, 2008

It's Business Time!

OMG, *hilarious*. Thanks to my girl Erika in Chicago for the link to this:

March 13, 2008

I am not a doll person

Thumb biters, originally uploaded by mslaura.

This is a scary weighted doll that I bought off eBay for doing baby carrier demos.

Pretty horrifying. Her hair is all weird and coarse, like it was cut with a butter knife by a crazy person, and her outfit is um...not exactly stylish. Like Holly Hobby mixed with clown.

And you know, I don't like clowns. At all.

The kids are both fascinated and repelled by her. They want to touch her, but veeeeeeery carefully, like she is going to come to life and attack them at any moment.

She is very unlike our only other baby doll Paul (bought for Julian to prepare him for having a baby brother), who gets hugged and kissed and dragged around and dropped on his head. Paul is the best, because he never complains, no matter what you do to him...which is SO unlike a real baby.

Occasionally we waterboard Paul, and then squeeze him and watch him pee. Then he continues to leak water and leave wet spots all over for the next few week, even though you squeezed and squeezed and thought he was empty. Just like a real kid!

I think I'm going to change her clothing and see if that helps. Maybe it's her intense, ice-blue eyes that make her so creepy? Or her mouth? Geez, does her mouth need to be THAT wide open?

I was making her talk to Adrian and say scary things, but he just thought it was funny and laughed. This photo is funny because the Hindu god Brahma and I are looking at these two. Brahma AND Mama. And I just realized that the doll's crazy-person hair looks just like Adrian's crazy-baby hair.

On Santa's lap asking for a teenager. Wha?

Our neighbors Tracy and Pete had a fun Xmas party, during which Santa came and paid the kids a visit.

Julian was the very last kid to sit on Santa's lap, and Santa asked him to whisper what he most wanted for Xmas into Santa's ear.

He did so, and Santa got a puzzled look on his face. He asked Julian to repeat his wish. Downright confusion on Santa's face.

"He says he wants a TEENAGER for Christmas! Is that right?"

Julian nodded yes.

Santa is now all weirded out. Some comedian says, "Hey, a teenager... that's Dan's wish, not his!"

I am totally mystified, and have no idea where he came up with this. Later on I ask him what a teenager is, and he says, "It's this toy..." but can't describe any further.

I tell him it's a person who is older than a kid, but not yet a grown-up. Is that what he wants for Xmas?

Oh, no.

Still can't figure out how he came to the conclusion that
(A) a teenager is a toy, and
(B) he wants one!


Tattooed badass, originally uploaded by mslaura.

This tattoo was for Yellowtail brand of Australian wine. It was on a magazine insert card. It was a pretty awesome tattoo of a dragon.

That dragon tat stayed on Julian for over a MONTH, and only in the last few days did it even start to look bad. Incredible!

So if they have that technology, why do most temporary tattoos for kids rub off after a single day?

Now that I know that temporary tattoos can be this cool, I'm totally going to start wearing them.

You guys...can't you see I'm BUSY in here?

A cute little girl came over with her mom to try on a baby carrier. She and Julian hit it off immediately and Julian soon invited her into bed.

"Do you want to read a book?"
"OK, let's go in my bed!"

Sly, very sly! So the two of them hop into bed and start reading the book. Just as they start flipping the pages, Bugs hops up on the bed.

Then, within a minute, Baby Brother has to try to horn in on the action as well.

And don't forget that Mommy is standing there the whole time, ignoring her customer and snapping photos because this whole situation is too funny.

Never a moment's privacy in this house. GOSH.

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