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July 12, 2007

Julian-isms of the Week

Julian, Adrian and I get in the car to take Julian to his new preschool, which he loves. We arrive, I put Julian's sun hat on, hang out with him for a few minutes to get him settled in, and then the teacher starts calling the kids outside for circle time, songs, and stretching exercises.

I go outside with him, then I say, "Give me a kiss now before you go. Mommy has to go to work, but I'll be back to pick you up later."

He kisses me. I ask, "Do you want to give Baby Brother a kiss goodbye too?"

Julian leans in to kiss Adrian, saying importantly, "I have to go play now, Baby Brother. I'll see you later. Go with Mommy."

Dan is out of town. The bedtime wrangling begins.

I get everyone's pajamas on, and Adrian, Julian and I all climb into Julian's bed. Julian picks out two stories, I latch Adrian onto my left boob and cuddle Julian up to my right side, and we start reading the stories.

We don't get through two pages before Adrian's chubby legs are kicking Julian, kicking the book, and he is squealing like a little piglet. He has no interest in nursing to sleep, he just wants to kick and sit up and grab the book.

It's pretty funny. I keep reading the book, then it gets kicked out of my hand, Julian and I giggle. Then I latch the baby back on, grab the book and re-open it. We only get about one page at a time read before the wild baby legs kick the book, or kick Julian again.

Finally Julian has had enough. He wants his story now, WITHOUT interruptions! He loves his baby brother, but still. Enough is enough.

He takes Adrian's legs and pushes them back over away from the book, then looks him in the eye and says sternly to him, "DRINK MILK, BABY BROTHER! Stop kicking my book and drink milk!"

Lately I have been doing this thing where I am trying not to yell at Julian in public (like a total Target mom). If he needs guidance in something and he's not within speaking range, I catch his eye, then give him a solemn, silent shake of my head, like "No, no, don't do that."

If he is doing something well, or doing what he's supposed to do, then I give him a nod of my head and a thumbs up sign.

I asked Beh to wash the window of Julian's bedroom last week. It was filthy and you could barely see through it with all the accumulated dust and dirt. He got his window-washing gear and went outside.

Julian was in his room listening to stories on CD. He looked up and saw Beh starting to wash the window, and gave him the solemn shake of the head NO. Beh kept washing and Julian kept shaking his head NO, then he said "NO Beh. Don't wash the window."

Beh said, "It's OK, Julian. I have permission from your mom to come and wash your window"

Julian looked at him, then got up and came in to where I was working.
"Mama, can Beh wash my window?"
"Yes, he can. He is washing your window right now."

Julian returned to his room and gave Beh the nod YES, then the thumbs up sign. Then he went back to listening to his story.

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