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Still Life with Zucchini

Doggie Balls

Working Incredibly Hard on His Computer

4th of July 2005

On Assignment

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July 30, 2005

Still Life with Zucchini

Still Life with Zucchini

I am growing some MONSTER zucchini. This is one of them. I swear, I should enter a contest or something, these are Veggies Gone Wild. I have 4-5 more like this out on the vine still. Really need to get it in gear and start churning out Stuffed Zucchini (from my mother-in-law's fantastic recipe), Zucchini Fritters (ditto) and Zucchini Bread (yep). But I don't know, it's hot and it seems like I already spend 23 out of 24 hours per day cleaning up the kitchen, so I'm somewhat blocked about cooking lately.

July 27, 2005

Doggie Balls

Julian is doing the toddler thing where he eats unbelievably huge amounts of food one day, then almost nothing the next. It's kind of unsettling, but then I have to remind myself that it's normal for a child his age. In fact, I do the very same thing, just on a lesser scale. Some days I'm a bottomless pit, other days I can barely finish what's on my plate.

New words that Julian can now say:
book clock ant hat hot wet puppy baby truck, and the favorite word of the moment....
BALL! He is very proud of his new words, and when we walk the dog in the afternoon, Julian rides in his backpack and chants all his new words in rhythm with my steps, "DOG-gie, BA-by, PUP-py, BALL, BOOK, HAT, BA-by, DOG-gie, PUP-py, BA-by, PUP-py" and so on. I chant with him, because it's kind of addictive. And just when I think we've covered them all, he'll remember a new one, or I will remind HIM of one we haven't chanted in a while. Or sometimes I'll throw in a new made-up word like "gish", and he'll repeat that just like a parrot. But he'll never say "cat" even though we've seen cats a million times and he can certainly pronounce "c-a-t. He insists every time that a cat is a "doggie".

"Doggie" is still a major favorite. He says "ball" and "doggie" all day long, always with just as much excitement as the first time he said them. Those two concepts never get old, apparently.

The ball is his latest obsession, very exciting, especially so because J has developed quite a wicked sideways throw. He still does a comical curveball that ends up going backwards over his own shoulder, but just as you start to chuckle over his curveball, he will suddenly whip the ball with a sideways snap and absolutely LAUNCH it. Then you stop laughing and your mouth drops open in awe.

He is also experimenting with dribbling his little soft soccer ball. He will carefully place it on the ground, then give it a little kick with his foot, then follow it around and continue to kick it. Dan has just about burst open with pride at this new development, as you can imagine. His boy, the 17-month-old soccer star!

The diaper-free thing is still going well. He only wears a diaper at night because his lazy Mama can't drag herself out of bed to take him potty. Oh well. No biggie.

July 26, 2005

Working Incredibly Hard on His Computer

Working incredibly hard on his computer

What do you expect from the son of two geeks?

The monitor isn't even plugged in to anything, it's just sitting on a shelf in our garage. Still, Julian will type away on the keyboard and stare at the screen for 15-20 minutes at a time. It's funny, kinda weird, but most importantly it keeps him busy. I really need to talk to him about ergonomics though.

July 05, 2005

4th of July 2005

Our Fourth of July party was a big success. Dan and I got to see friends that we've been missing for too long. Julian played with his cousins all afternoon and was in seventh heaven.

Between Julian and my hostessing duties I had a horrible case of ADD though. As soon as someone started to tell me a story, I had either a whining child or a guest need to attend to. I was choring like a fool for most of the day, but I did get a few moments of chatting and catching up every now and then. When J needed Mama time I would hold him for five minutes and then put him on my back. That worked pretty well. Within a short time he would be recharged and ready to go off and play again.

Julian was very good and stayed dry in his shorts all afternoon while playing with his cousins. Dan and I took him to pee a couple of times, but he held it for several hours in between with no problem.

My friend Hilary flew in from Sydney and arrived just before the party. She spent the night, so we got to have a nice chat about all kinds of excellent topics over breakfast this morning. She's just starting off on a two-month trip through the US, Canada and Europe. I'm jealous. I'm itching to go off on another trip, but since we just got our backyard remodel finished *yesterday* we'll be enjoying the good life here at home for a while. We've got a badminton court set up in the front yard, and our bocce ball court in back. Let the Summer Games begin!

July 01, 2005

On Assignment

Laura Hamilton is on assignment this month.

That's what Dan advised that I should say. My, what a negligent journalist I have been! (sorry Mom ;-) No excuses, but I was ultra-busy finishing up my job at Yahoo through the first part of May!, and then I was super-busy catching up on my personal life, errands, house and garden work, all of which were sorely neglected during the Yahoo! crunch. (But our house and garden are now fabulous! Pics coming soon!)

We went to the North Shore of Kauai for 12 days and had a wonderful time (stories coming soon). Then we came back and I immediately started jamming on my new venture, The Portable Baby, and I've been spending all my free time getting that up and running, products ordered, website designed and developed, etc. Whew!

So now I'm trying to slow down a little. I have a lot more to do, but need a bit of downtime. I got waaay too busy. When I don't make a journal entry for over a month, you know things are crazy. But hey, check out the pics from Kauai, check out The Portable Baby website, and you'll see that I haven't just been sitting around eating bonbons. I've got stories to tell, though.

Just one little brag before I go...Julian is diaper-free! He went full-bore on the potty-training while we were in Kauai, starting in the airplane (take me now! hand signals), and was so diligent about it that I just put shorts on him every day and skipped the diaper. He's kept it up ever since. Yeehaw! I'm very impressed. I like to think of the thousands of dirty diapers I'm keeping out of the landfills, it gives me a warm glow. Seriously...that's a HUGE amount of waste prevented. Who says one person can't make a difference?

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