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If it beeps, fuhgeddaboutit

OK, so in the last few minutes that Ashley was here, she tried to take Julian potty, bless her heart. I mentioned what I was doing with him as far as potty training, and asked if she would be receptive to helping him go potty at some point, probably this spring/summer when the weather warmed up and he wasn't wearing so many clothes. She thought it was cool (yay!) and said she'd be up for it.

So today I looked in the bathroom and there she was taking J's pants and diaper off and looking kind of stumped. She said that Julian was grabbing for the toilet, so she was going to help him go potty, but wasn't sure how. I showed her how I sit on the toilet backwards and hold him, but I will probably have her sit him on his red Baby Bjorn potty, because the toilet hold is kind of tricky.

He was too excited and kept looking at her, then Dan came in as well too join the fun, so the whole crowd scene was a bit too much for Baby J. He didn't pee and fussed to get off the toilet. We said goodbye to Ashley and went into the bedroom to put on a diaper, and then while J was sitting on my lap waiting for me to get the diaper on, he peed on my leg a little bit. So he DID have to pee!

Oh, so if you're reading this and want to get Julian something for his first birthday next Sunday...he needs size 12-18 month clothes, especially pants and long-sleeved shirts. His pants are all too short. He also needs more board books...he LOVE the ones he has and I'd like to expand his library a little bit. I made a Wish List on Amazon where you can see titles of books that he would like, and even order them directly. Used copies are fine, they don't have to be new.

Please, no plastic electronic toys. He likes them OK, but they drive me nuts and eat up all our batteries.

OK, must make dinner now and spend some time with dear husband while darling baby is sleeping.

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